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The Deconstruction Pink Double Vinyl Boxset

Boxset $68.99

Release Date: 06/04/2018

Discs: 3

After a four year wait, EELS will release their new album ‘The Deconstruction’, on April 6th.

Boxset Contents:

2 x 12” Pink Vinyl in printed sleeves. 45RPM for best sound quality.

Printed box on uncoated paper.

CD Digipak.

28 page perfect bound lyric booklet with exclusive photos.

12” artwork print.

A4 digital copy of handwritten “Rusty Pipes” lyrics.

E “Tip & Strip” pen.

Side A

1. The Deconstruction
2. Bone Dry
3. The Quandary
4. Premonition

Side B

1. Rusty Pipes
2. The Epiphany
3. Today Is The Day

Side C

1. Sweet Scorched Earth
2. Coming Back
3. Be Hurt
4. You Are The Shining Light

Side D

1. There I Said It
2. Archie Goodnight
3. The Unanswerable
4. In Our Cathedral